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Copper Bonded Earth Rods

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Product Description

Copper bonded earth rods are a type of grounding electrode used in electrical grounding systems. They are designed to provide a low-resistance path to the ground, thereby ensuring safety and proper functioning of electrical systems.

Characteristics of Copper Bonded Earth Rods:

1. The rod is carefully crafted with a beveled end, allowing easy insertion into the ground. The angle of the bevel is precisely engineered for maximum mechanical stability.

2. Every Axis Copper Bonded Earth Rod meets the strict UL marking criteria, guaranteeing consistent quality and performance.

3. Tailored for comprehensive grounding solutions, the Axis Copper Bonded Earth Rod Kit comprises two ground rods and a specially designed coupler. This kit is officially UL Listed as a unified system, ensuring dependable performance.

Copper Bonded Earth Rods Material Specifications:

1. Core Material: High tensile low carbon steel

2. Surface Coating: 99.9% pure electrolytic copper

3. Copper Thickness: Axis manufactured Earth Rods have a thickness of more than 300 microns. As per IEC 62561-2 and UL 467, the minimum copper coating thickness shall be 254 microns.

Copper Bonded Earth Rod Applications:

1. Residential Buildings: Copper bonded earth rods are used in residential buildings to provide a safe path for electrical faults, such as lightning strikes or power surges, to dissipate into the ground. They help protect occupants from electrical shocks and prevent damage to electrical appliances and wiring.

2. Commercial Buildings: In commercial buildings, copper bonded earth rods are crucial for ensuring the safety and proper functioning of electrical systems. They help protect sensitive equipment, such as computers and communication systems, from damage due to electrical faults and provide a stable reference point for electrical signals.

3. Industrial Facilities: Industrial facilities often have complex electrical systems with high-power equipment and machinery. Copper bonded earth rods are used to ground these systems, protecting personnel and equipment from the dangers of electrical faults and ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical processes.

4. Telecommunications: Copper bonded earth rods are widely used in telecommunications infrastructure to provide a low-resistance path to the ground for lightning strikes and to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) in communication lines. They help ensure the reliability and quality of telecommunication services.

5. Power Generation and Distribution: In power generation and distribution facilities, copper bonded earth rods are employed to ground electrical substations, transformers, and other equipment. Proper grounding is essential for protecting personnel, equipment, and the surrounding environment from the hazards of electrical faults.

6. Renewable Energy Systems: With the increasing adoption of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, copper bonded earth rods are used to ground the electrical systems associated with these installations. Grounding helps protect equipment and ensures the safe and efficient operation of renewable energy systems.

7. Transportation Infrastructure: Copper bonded earth rods are also used in transportation infrastructure, such as railways and airports, to ground electrical systems associated with signaling, lighting, and communication equipment. Grounding is essential for maintaining the safety and reliability of transportation systems.


Rod Dia (mm)Total Length (mm)Code
12.72440 (1220+1220)CBR1424PKUL
12.73000 (1500+1500)CBR1430PKUL
12.73600 (1800+1800)CBR1436PKUL
14.22440 (1220+1220)CBR1624PKUL
14.23000 (1500+1500)CBR1630PKUL
14.23600 (1800+1800)CBR1636PKUL
17.22440 (1220+1220)CBR2024PKUL
17.23000 (1500+1500)CBR2030PKUL
17.23600 (1800+1800)CBR2036PKUL
252440 (1220+1220)CBR2524PKUL
253000 (1500+1500)CBR2530PKUL
253600 (1800+1800)CBR2536PKUL

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