Long Barrel Compression Connector

Long Barrel Compression Connector

50 INR/Piece

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  • 500 Inch
  • 50 INR/Piece

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  • 5000 Inch Per Week
  • 1 Week

Product Description

We are renowned as the top most manufacturers and supplier of a qualitative range of Long Barrel Compression Connector. The compression connectors are manufactured in a variety of sizes in compliance with set industry standards. Specifically designed to provide strength and durability, it finds wide application in electrical connections, including heavy-duty industrial, telecommunications and utility. Clients can avail this product from us at pocket friendly prices.

Long Barrel Compression Connector Features:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Sturdy design
  • Provides reliable connection

Applications of Long Barrel Compression Connector:

1. Electrical Power Distribution: Long barrel compression connectors are widely used in power distribution systems, including transformers, switchgear, and distribution panels. They provide a secure connection between power cables, ensuring efficient power transmission while minimizing the risk of electrical faults and failures.

2. Grounding and Bonding: Proper grounding and bonding are essential for electrical safety and protection against electrical surges. Long barrel compression connectors are used to create robust connections between grounding conductors and grounding electrodes, such as ground rods or grounding plates.

3. Telecommunications and Networking: These connectors are used in telecommunication installations, such as data centers, telecom towers, and network equipment. They establish reliable connections between copper cables and facilitate efficient data transmission.

4. Cable Lugs and Splices: Long barrel compression connectors are commonly used for cable lugs and splices. A cable lug is a device used to connect a cable to electrical equipment or another cable. Splices are used to join two cables together in a secure and insulated manner.

5. Renewable Energy Systems: With the increasing use of renewable energy sources like solar and wind, long barrel compression connectors play a crucial role in connecting and interconnecting solar panels, wind turbine generators, and other renewable energy components.

6. Automotive and Marine Applications: Long barrel compression connectors find application in the automotive and marine industries for establishing reliable connections in electrical systems, battery cables, and grounding applications.

7. Industrial Machinery and Equipment: In industrial settings, these connectors are utilized to ensure secure connections in various electrical systems, including motor control centers, power distribution units, and control panels.

8. Railways and Transportation: Long barrel compression connectors are used in railway and transportation systems to connect electrical components and ensure reliable power supply and signaling.


Q: What is a long barrel compression connector?

A: A long barrel compression connector is an electrical connector designed to establish a secure and reliable connection between conductors, typically made of copper. It features an elongated barrel section that provides increased surface area for better conductivity and enhanced mechanical strength.

Q: How does a long barrel compression connector work?

A: To use a long barrel compression connector, the installer places the stripped ends of the conductors into the connector's long barrel. A compression tool is then used to compress the connector's barrel around the conductors, creating a tight and permanent connection. This compression process ensures excellent electrical contact and minimizes the risk of corrosion and resistance at the connection point.

Q: What are the benefits of using long barrel compression connectors?

A: Long barrel compression connectors offer several advantages, including:

  • Improved Conductivity: The longer barrel allows for more contact area between the conductor and the connector, resulting in lower electrical resistance and improved conductivity.
  • High Mechanical Strength: The compression process creates a strong and robust connection, resistant to vibration and mechanical stress.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance: The compression connection is less prone to corrosion, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Suitable for High Current Applications: Long barrel compression connectors are well-suited for applications involving high electrical currents.
  • Versatility: These connectors are used in various industries and applications, from power distribution to telecommunications and renewable energy.

Q: What types of conductors can be used with long barrel compression connectors?

A: Long barrel compression connectors are designed to accommodate a wide range of conductors, including copper cables and wires. The size of the connector should match the conductor size to ensure a proper and secure fit.

Q: How are long barrel compression connectors different from standard crimp connectors?

A: The main difference between long barrel compression connectors and standard crimp connectors lies in their design and construction. Long barrel compression connectors have an extended barrel section, offering more contact area and better mechanical strength compared to standard crimp connectors. As a result, long barrel compression connectors are typically used in critical applications where strong and reliable connections are essential.

Q: What industries commonly use long barrel compression connectors?

A: Long barrel compression connectors find applications in various industries, including:

  • Electrical Power Distribution
  • Telecommunications and Networking
  • Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, etc.)
  • Automotive and Marine
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Railways and Transportation

Q: How do I choose the right long barrel compression connector for my application?

A: When selecting a long barrel compression connector, consider the following factors:

  • Conductor Size: Choose a connector that matches the size of the conductor you are using.
  • Application: Ensure that the connector is suitable for your specific application, whether it's power distribution, grounding, telecommunications, or others.
  • Material: Long barrel compression connectors are typically made of copper. Check the material's quality and conductivity.
  • Voltage and Current Ratings: Make sure the connector's voltage and current ratings meet or exceed your application requirements.

Q: Can long barrel compression connectors be reused?

A: Long barrel compression connectors are generally designed for single-use, meaning they should not be reused once they have been compressed onto the conductors. Reusing connectors can compromise their mechanical and electrical integrity, leading to potential safety hazards and reduced performance. It's essential to use a new connector for each connection to ensure optimal performance and safety.
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